Equipment you need when you go out birdwatching



When I started learning about photography, I would go outside my house and make photos randomly. At one point, I realized that scenery looks more beautiful when birds are involved. So, I went home and started my research into birdwatching. Trust me, it is more captivating than you might think. You admire their colors and see them in their natural state without disturbing their environment. Nevertheless, birdwatching is that kind of activity that requires some equipment to benefit fully. I am not suggesting investing a considerable amount of money but focus on the standard package of tools that will be very handy when adventuring outside the wild nature. With a little bit of Internet help, I’m sure you can find great offers and deals on the products I’ll recommend below.


First thing first, you need a clear vision if you plan on admiring birds from distance. I say this because I use glasses and I know the importance of having your eyes checked for perfect lenses. So, start by solving your eye problems and then get to binoculars and digital cameras.

I may be old-school, but I still like to go everywhere with a notepad and a pencil. I hand it easier afterward if I take notes about the date, time, location, weather and birds details. It’s very similar to a journal where you describe the birds you watched, how their feathers looked and their natural habitat.

You probably heard of birdwatchers that engage at first in their journey with a helping site guide. Now, this is useful because it gives you hints about the best places to see birds and the species you can encounter. Besides the site guide, it would be useful to carry a field book which provides illustrations and photos of a variety of birds. They can be bought in different sizes from a variety of bookstores and can help you recognize faster the bird species you have set your eyes on.

The most important piece of equipment for birdwatching are the binoculars. You should invest in a good model that gives your focus precisions, magnification and color detail. Search for a pair of them, try them if possible before purchase and remember that a beginner doesn’t need something very expensive at first. After you gain experience, you’ll more likely transition to professional gear.

If you plan on getting close to birds, you can opt for a telescope. Because of their price, I think it’s best to buy a used one. You’ll get the same technical benefits without spending a fortune.

Now let’s talk about the camera. A simple one with standard point and shoot functions will be enough, but if that doesn’t satisfy your need you can always invest in telephoto lenses that will give a real feeling of being almost near the birds.

No matter what equipment you decide to buy keep in mind that birdwatching is a hobby best done relaxed and open to adventure!



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